Adelaide school to undergo $35m development including new inquiry and innovation hub

One of Adelaide’s most prestigious private schools will undergo a $35m development, including an inquiry and innovation hub featuring science and technology labs.

Westminster School at Marion in Adelaide’s south-west will undergo the development which is set for completion by the end of 2021 to coincide with the school’s 60th anniversary.

The co-educational, early learning to Year 12 school says the development is the single largest investment ever made by an independent school in SA.

Westminster School is set to undergo a $35m redevelopment featuring

The project is designed by Adelaide architects Brown Falconer along with a Melbourne firm.

School principal Simon Shepherd says a key element of the development plan is the three-storey inquiry and innovation hub to include science labs, IT, design, engineering, technology and fashion and textile spaces.

The school’s existing performing arts centre will also undergo a three-storey extension featuring a community food café, learning resource centre and performing arts hub.

“The inquiry and innovation hub forms part of our commitment to preparing students to become the innovators, educators and leaders of tomorrow,” Simon says.

“The new multi-level community food café, learning resource centre and performing arts hub will include an interactive circulation zone, food cafe for the school community and visitors, rehearsal, performance and theory spaces for music, drama and dance students, as well as library facilities with break-out study books and quiet reading areas.”

A central outdoor meeting space – Westminster Square – will provide access to café and dining spaces, the senior school library, and performing arts and learning areas.

The school’s senior learning hub will also undergo upgrades.

The development is part of the school’s campus masterplan and is expected to create a modern and innovative learning space to help set students up for the workforce.

“We are committed to empowering students to achieve more than they thought possible as engaged citizens in the community and outstanding leaders in their chosen careers,” Simon says.

Construction is scheduled to start in 2019.

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