You know you’re from the Adelaide Hills when …

You can bet there’s a koala in your generously sized backyard, you know a thing or two about wine and you eat cherries by the bucket load in summer.

You’re from the Adelaide Hills, South Australia’s picturesque region renowned for its rolling paddocks, sweeping vineyards and scrubby horizons.

But what really makes a fair dinkum Hills dweller?

1. Spotting a koala, echidna, deer or kangaroo crossing the road is no big deal.

2.  You know how to pronounce ‘Gumeracha’ and ‘Nairne’.

3. You tow the wheelie bin behind the car on rubbish night because your driveway is too long.

4. You live next door to, or up the road from, a winery, distillery or cheesemaker.

5. You went nuts when KFC came to Mount Barker. And then there was Aldi.

6. You have Beerenberg, Buzz Honey and Prancing Pony products at home at ALL TIMES.

You've been a supporter of Prancing Pony since day one.

You’ve been a supporter of Prancing Pony since day one.

7. You can short-cut your way around town with the accuracy of a rally co-driver.

8. You can gracefully climb a fence.

9. Your bushfire survival plan is stuck to the fridge in summer.

10. City folk always ask ‘where’s that?’ when you tell them where you live.

11. You’ve caught the 3.45am bus home from the city up the freeway after a night out.

12. You’re a member of the Facebook group Adelaide Hills Community Chat.

13. You always think of home when you’re in the city and spot the three Mount Lofty towers on the horizon.

The three Mt Lofty towers.

The three Mount Lofty TV towers.

14. Forget watermelon seed spitting contests. Your childhood was all about the cherry stones.

15. You’ve heard of (or live in) a lesser-known town like Flaxley, Lenswood, Gemmells or Dawesley.

16. You’ve cursed driving a manual car when stuck in traffic on the slopes at the Lobethal Lights.

17. You reference going to the city as ‘heading down the hill’.

18. Red Cacao chocolate is not a fancy treat in your house, it’s a pantry staple.

19. You’ve nearly lost a side mirror when driving along Hahndorf’s main street. (But love the popular tourist strip all the same).

Hahndorf is the jewel in the crown of the Hills' tourism industry, attracting one million visitors per year.

Hahndorf is the jewel in the crown of the Hills’ tourism industry, attracting one million visitors per year.

20. You know what Gruner Veltliner is and you know that the Hills is pretty good at making it. Hahndorf Hill anyone?

21. You buy your fruit and veggies from roadside stalls. Or grow them yourself!

22. You’re an expert in South Eastern Freeway etiquette.

23. Your mum bought 10 copies of The Courier when your netball/footy team photo was in the sports pages.

24. You silently disagree when someone from Rostrevor or Blackwood says they’re from the Hills.

25. You’ve only walked the Waterfall Gully route to the Mount Lofty Summit once or twice because you know the Crafers trail is less busy.

The reborn Uraidla Hotel

The Uraidla Hotel was reborn in 2016 after being closed for a long period of time. PHOTO: The Uraidla Hotel Facebook

26. The revival of the Uraidla Hotel brought back memories of the good old days.

27. You know how cold it really gets in winter. (Bridgewater people know what we’re talking about.)

28. You’re a regular Oakbank racegoer, Crush festival attendee or Winter Reds aficionado.

29.  You play rock, paper, scissors to determine who will get out and open the front gate when you get home.

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